Outland Entertainment Announces Release of Bridge to Elsewhere Anthology

Outland Entertainment's newest anthology, Bridge to Elsewhere, is now available! Join us for 19 tales of the day-to-day of space travel and those who make it happen.

A spaceship’s nothing without her crew.

The universe contains infinite possibilities—but while space is limitless, it’s the people who travel it that make their adventures worth reading. And many of the decisions they make happen on the bridge of a spaceship.

A ship is only as good as her crew. These are their stories.

As is true of most anthologies, this collection allows for a variety of authors, perspectives, and styles for a truly diverse reading journey. Visit a history museum. Meet telepathic peafowl and their caretakers. Walk the path to reconciliation with an adventurer's past. Navigate the complexities of working with a bro dude. Connect with a living ship. And much much more.

Get your copy of Bridge to Elsewhere in paperback or eBook today!

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