Card Game and Anthology to Release Based on Historic Althingi

Kansas City, MO: Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of a new universe called Althingi. Set in Iceland, 931 A.D., a new card game and anthology based on the historic annual gathering of Icelandic Vikings known as the Althingi event is set to release in early 2021. A Kickstarter to support the game will run in November, 2020.

At the Althingi, the most powerful Icelandic Chieftains from each district gather with their clansmen in tow to barter, feast, trade, and most importantly, to settle legal disputes. Though later generations praise the Icelandic Althingi as the world's longest running parliament, it was no civil affair. Within the Althingi game, each player takes on the role of a powerful Icelandic Chieftain and aims to gain the greatest influence through bribery, extortion, and if necessary bloodshed (it will be necessary.)

"This new game casts a fresh light on the lives and the legacy of the Vikings,” said Josh Gillingham, project creator. “While there were plenty of axes to swing, longships to sail, and mead barrels to be emptied, Althingi throws players into the political maelstrom that was Viking Age Iceland following the unification of Norway by King Harald Finehair. As a powerful Icelandic Chieftain, each player enacts and is trapped by the uneasy alliances, the merciless extortion, and the bloody betrayal that made this time period so chaotic and so thrilling."

"Josh brought a gorgeous, fun game to us that I felt strong enough about that we invited him to develop an anthology to go along with it. Whether you are reading the stories based in this setting or playing the game, you won't be disappointed!" said Jeremy Mohler, Outland Entertainment’s Founder and Creative Director.


About Outland Entertainment: Outland Entertainment is an independent publisher specializing in transmedia worldbuilding in speculative long and short fiction, comics, graphic novels, tabletop and RPG games, and other forms of media. We design, produce, and distribute our products. Our works are distributed through our website and networks like IPG and Comixology.

About Josh Gillingham: Joshua Gillingham is a Canadian author from the scenic city of Nanaimo, BC. There he enjoys life with his adventurous spouse and their two very unadventurous cats. The Gatewatch, his debut novel, was born of his unremitted fascination with Norse Myths and Icelandic Sagas. Joshua’s lyrical maritime ballad The Queen of the Rose Marie was selected for the Short Story Dispenser Project hosted by Short Édition and his award-winning essay “Becoming a Resilient Writer” has been featured on several sites for aspiring writers. When he is not hunched over his laptop sipping coffee and tapping frantically at the keyboard, Joshua performs Irish and Maritime music with The Ugly Mugs and designs Viking-themed board games.

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