Acquisition Announcement: FREE MARS, A Sci-fi Rock Opera Series!

by Jeremy D. Mohler

David Pauwels & Nicolás R. Giacondino

We are excited to have acquired the epic FREE MARS webcomic series created by David Pauwels and Nicolás R. Giacondino.

As part of the acquisition, we will be releasing new editions of volumes one, Free Mars: Riot Girls, and two, Free Mars: Ashes 2 Ashes starting with digital and later in print.

On Mars, in the year 2339, the only thing that doesn’t suck is the music!

Free Mars is a gritty sci-fi rock opera set against the backdrop of a dystopian Mars colony in the year 2339. As civil war looms on the Red Planet, the Revolution finds an unlikely symbol in the form of a punk band. The group quickly discovers, however, that their new fame comes at a price...

Along with the release of the first two volumes, we'll also be developing and releasing the next volume in the series as a web comic.

Additionally, a roleplaying game and a novel are in development, which we'll announce later in the year.

You can currently purchase the ebooks directly from Outland!

Outland Entertainment Founder Jeremy D. Mohler acquired world rights from Pauwels and Giacondino in a transmedia deal.

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