Free Mars: Riot Girls


Heath Allison
Heath Allison
Free Mars: Riot Girls
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Free mars is set in a very robust mytho-poetic universe replete with slang and pop-culture icons. The reader is immediately sucked in to a full immersion experience thanks to a level of craftsmanship that's rare in comics today.
Free Mars: Riot Girls
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This book is a must-have for any fan of dystopian sci-fi, good artwork, and engaging storytelling. It won't disappoint.

Book Info

Creators: David Pauwels & Nicolás R. Giacondino
Author: David Pauwels
Cover Illustrator: Nicolás R. Giacondino
Pencils & Inks: Nicolás R. Giacondino
Letters: Nicolás R. Giacondino
Logo Design: Nicolás R. Giacondino
Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: PDF
Edition: Third

about the book

On Mars, in the year 2339, the only thing that doesn’t suck is the music!

Based on the smash hit web comic, Free Mars is a gritty sci-fi rock opera set against the backdrop of a dystopian Mars colony in the year 2339. As civil war looms on the Red Planet, the Revolution finds an unlikely symbol in the form of a punk band. The group quickly discovers, however, that their new fame comes at a price.

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