Allison Pang & Irma ‘Aimo’ Ahmed's To the Sea: Fox & Willow Book Two Released

Outland is thrilled to announce the sequel to Allison Pang & Irma ‘Aimo’ Ahmed's Fox & Willow series, To the Sea. Based on the legend of the Twa sisters, the graphic novel To the Sea ( Fox & Willow Book 2) continues the story of an exiled princess and a fox spirit as they search for a way to break a curse.

Sometimes a silent song is the most poignant…

Continuing their journey to lift Gideon’s curse, Willow and her fox companion have been tasked with escorting Princess Nuala to be wed to a prince from another kingdom. But despite Nuala’s hopes of making a joyful union, not all is what it seems between the prince and his betrothed. When his mistress, a barefoot woman without a tongue appears, the bonds of friendship between the two ladies grows, even as a storm brews on the horizon.

Click here to get your copy of To the Sea: Fox & Willow Book Two in digital or hardcopy.

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