When Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead

Blending Gothic, horror, folklore, fantasy and fairy-tale, these eerie short stories will disturb, move and humor you.


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Creator: Edited by Lauren T. Davila
Category: Anthology
Age Range: 12+
Vibes: Ghost Stories, Haunting, BIPOC, Fantasy, Folklore

In Short: When Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead offers a chilling anthology of dark narratives from contemporary BIPOC writers, blending Gothic horror, folklore, and fantasy, exploring themes of haunting, memory, and belonging, with stories ranging from a Hollywood nightmare stalker to a Kanontsistóntie seeking vengeance, and two sisters uncovering a sinister secret on their farm.

What's It About: A haunting presence plagues a woman's dreams in Hollywood, while a Kanontsistóntie is called upon to seek vengeance within the walls of a residential school, and a relocation from the projects to Manhattan brings ominous shadows. Meanwhile, two sisters stumble upon a hidden chamber on their farm, uncovering a malevolent force.

Originally published in Scotland, "When Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead" presents an anthology of unsettling narratives from contemporary BIPOC authors, blending Gothic horror, folklore, fantasy, and fairy tales to disturb, intrigue, and entertain. Death permeates the pages, intertwined with themes of home, memory, grief, belonging, gentrification, white supremacy, and colonization.

Edited by Lauren T. Davila, "They Saw the Dead" delves into the essence of true haunting experiences.


Lauren T. Davila - Editor
Lauren T. Davila is a Pushcart-nominated Latina writer currently pursuing her Ph.D. in English at Claremont Graduate Universityin California, USA. She holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from George Mason University and dual BAs in English and Creative Writing from Pepperdine University. After completing her studies, she plans to teach at the collegiate level while publishing poetry and fiction.Her writing has appeared online in Granada Magazine, The Paragon Journal, Ghost Heart Literary Magazine, Peach Velvet Mag, Voyage Journal, Second Chance Magazine, Headcanon Magazine, In Parentheses, and Poets Reading the News, and in print anthology, Hireath. She is editing multiple short story anthologies.She lives in Los Angeles where you can find her writing in coffee shops and swimming.