Warlock 5 Book 02: The Return


Five touchstone realities exist at focal points along the Grid. From each of these realities, a Warlock is chosen to act as one of five Guardians.

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Creator: Cullen Bunn (author), JimmyZ (author), Jeffrey Edwards (illustrator), Andy Poole (colorist), Ed Dukeshire (letterer)
Category: Comic
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Magic, Heavy Metal, Chaos, Fantasy

In Short: Embark on a thrilling journey with horror maestro Cullen Bunn in "Warlock 5 Volume 1: The Return," immersing yourself in an epic saga set around the Grid as the five chosen Guardians try not to kill each other while defending space and time against a new encroaching threat.

What's It About: Set out on an electrifying voyage led by the narrative prowess of horror luminary Cullen Bunn in "Warlock 5 Volume 1: The Return," immersing yourself in an expansive saga woven around the Grid. Delve into the intricate web of alliances and rivalries as the five chosen Guardians—Savasthar, Doomidor, Argon, Tanith, and Zania—navigate the complexities of their relationships while resolutely defending the very fabric of space and time against a menacing new threat. Traverse through layers of suspense and discord as entrenched animosities add depth to their mission against the malevolent forces encroaching from beyond The Grid's bounds, in this ongoing narrative crafted by the masterful hands of Cullen Bunn and Jimmy Z.


Cullen Bunn - Author
Cullen Bunn is a writer of comic books, prose, film, and TV. He has written stories for some of the most well-known characters in the world. His work for Marvel and DC includes titles such as UNCANNY X-MEN, X-MEN BLUE, DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, MAGENTO, SINESTRO, and many others. His creator-owned work includes THE SIXTH GUN, HARROW COUNTY, THE EMPTY MAN, BONE PARISH, BASILISK, and many others. His website is www.cullenbunn.com.

JimmyZ - Author
JimmyZ is a regular co-writer with Cullen, and their projects together include IDW's popular MICRONAUTS series.

Jeffrey Edwards - Illustrator
Jeffrey Edwards is a professional comic book artist originally from just outside of Kansas City Missouri. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Comic Book Illustration from The Acadamey of Art University in San Francisco, he landed his first published project creating comic book art to be used in a series of articles written for Australia’s pop-culture driven magazine called FilmInk.

His most recent credits include pencilling and inking the GI JOE #266 as well as the Transformers #1 variant covers exclusive to One Stop Comic Shop for IDW Publishing, pencilling and inking Warlock 5 for Outland Entertainment, pencilling Benchmark 5 for Essential Comics, pencilling Greyfell for Squint Comics, Extermination for BOOM! Studios, as well as working on TMNT art for the special edition of Secret History of the Foot Clan for IDW. He has also provided illustrations for table-top games such as Fire and Ax: A Viking Saga, Kings of Air & Steam : World’s Fair, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire and others. He was the artist for the create-your-own adventure comic-style mobile app This Is Not A Test produced by Robot Monster Productions.

Andy Poole - Colorist
Independent Writer of science fiction & fantasy books and games. TTRPG enthusiast, bushcrafter and occasional artist.

Ed Dukeshire - Letterer
Digital Webbing founder, Fist of Justice co-creator, Eisner and Harvey nominated comic book letterer. Cornhole junkie.