Warlock 5 Book 01: Omnibus


Five touchstone realities exist at focal points along the Grid. From each of these realities, a Warlock is chosen to act as one of five Guardians.

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Creator: Den Beauvais, Gordon Derry
Category: Graphic Novel
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Heavy Metal, magic, 80s, we got lots of mohawks and guns in this one, neon, art

In Short: Warlock 5 is an epic saga centered on the Grid, a mystical nexus connecting all realities, where five chosen Guardians must overcome their mutual animosity to protect space and time from the forces of chaos.

What's It About: Introducing Warlock 5, a groundbreaking saga centered around the Grid, a mystical nexus connecting all times and realities, where the multiverse converges. This omnibus edition delves into the epic tale of five chosen Guardians from touchstone realities—Savasthar, Doomidor, Argon, Tanith, and Zania—who must unite to protect the Grid and safeguard all of space and time. However, their alliance is complicated by deep-seated animosity towards each other, adding layers of intrigue and conflict to their mission against the forces of chaos lurking beyond the Grid's borders.

Discover the iconic series Warlock 5, created by Den Beauvais and Gordon Derry, originally published by Barry Blair, the visionary behind Aircel Comics in the 1980s. Known for pushing the boundaries of narrative and illustration, Blair's advocacy for innovation helped shape titles like Warlock 5, now immortalized in this comprehensive 380-page hardcover omnibus edition. Featuring premium paper quality and meticulously retouched original artwork, this collection offers a true homage to the groundbreaking vision of Den Beauvais and Gordon Derry.

Den Beauvais - Creator/Illustrator
Imminently experienced in the comic book and visual arts field since starting as an artist in 1980, Beauvais has worked on numerous comic book, role playing game, video game, book cover and magazine illustrations and other arts projects throughout his career.

Gorden Derry - Creator/Author