The Wolf's Name

When Matilda’s brother Nathaniel dies, she’s convinced it’s murder, and she won’t be satisfied until she brings his killer to justice.


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Creator: Raelyn Teague
Category: Novel
Age Range: 12+
Vibes: Mystery, revenge, fantasy, family, magic, Canadian frontier

In Short: In "The Wolf's Name," Matilda seeks justice for her brother's murder amidst family discord and encounters a man who believes he's a wolf, leading her into a world of dangerous powers and the perils of revenge.

What's It About: Matilda is convinced her brother Nathaniel's death was murder and is determined to bring his killer to justice, despite her family's lingering wounds and their entanglement with rebels against English rule in Canada. Amidst old grief and familial discord, Matilda searches for evidence against their hostile neighbor, all while grappling with her growing attachment to a man who believes he's a wolf, leading her into a world of strange powers where the truth may cost her everything. Set in 1880s western Canada, "The Wolf's Name" explores the peril of revenge and the risks of magic.


Born and raised in Canadian cowboy territory, Raelyn Teague started telling stories before she knew her alphabet. While at university, she turned her back on her love of writing in pursuit of a shinier, more "practical" career until she learned having her soul slowly rot away wasn't more practical after all. Luckily, writing (mostly) welcomed her back.

An artist and martial artist, when she isn't reading or working on her latest novel, she's doodling the characters from her favourite video games or reminding her cat she already fed him.

Her debut historical fantasy novel, The Wolf's Name, is now available.