The Funky Fish Book

It’s as simple as just wanting to draw fish. A few years ago I realized I wasn’t very good at drawing fish and decided to practice. It turned into a somewhat daily exercise. These drawings are the result.

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Creator: Kennon James
Category: Art Book
Age Range: All Ages
Vibes: Fish, Art, Funky, Fun, Art Book

In Short: This is a book full of drawings of fish and they are funky!

What's It About: In a whimsical display of artistic prowess, Kennon James indulges his passion for fish in this charming coffee table book, offering readers of all ages a delightful and surprising glimpse into the underwater world.


Kennon James is a native-Texan illustrator, cartoonist, writer and concept artist. Over his career he has worked on a wide variety of projects over many different genres and mediums. He currently lives in Hutto, Texas with wife, kids, dogs, and cats.