The Bean Book 02: Into the Dark


Now the young dishwasher is deep underground, in a forgotten and ruined city, to collect a legendary weapon for the troll - or be killed. But when the sword sings him a new fate, he learns that his future is far bigger than a small, forgotten inn.

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Creator: Travis Hanson
Category: Graphic Novel
Age Range: All Ages
Vibes: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Fun, Childhood, Color

In Short: The second volume of Travis Hanson’s epic webcomic adventure collected in brilliant color and featuring everyone's favorite lost dishwasher, Bean! 

What's It About: Since he was kidnapped by a troll, Bean’s life has become anything but what he expected. The young dishwasher has found himself deep underground in a ruined and forgotten city, trying to collect a weapon of legend for a troll or face certain death if he returns empty handed. To his surprise, when the sword sings him a new fate, Bean’s seemingly short life has a bold new future much larger than even he expected.

Travis Hanson is an Eisner-nominated, fantasy illustrator with a huge imagination. For the last 15 years he has worked in comics, children's art, RPG fantasy, and games; and fans from conventions also know him for his simple fun illustrations that encourage the basic human need for creativity.