Cataclysm Cycle Book 01: Sharks of the Wasteland

Subject T—Thresher—never expected to be free from his life as an experiment, but now that he’s escaped into the outside world—a world transformed after the Yellowstone volcano erupted—he’s determined to never go back. Life as a genetically modified human never prepared him to face the dangers beyond the Facility, and he'll only survive if the fascinating outsider, Mako, agrees to bring him along on his journey.


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Trade Paperback

Creator: Gwendolyn N. Nix
Category: Novel
Age Range:16+
Vibes: Survival, Scientific Experimentation, Post Apocalyptic, Finding Love After Trauma, LGBTQ

In Short: Subject T, Thresher, escapes experimental life into a post-apocalyptic world, relying on outsider Mako for survival.

What's It About: Subject T, also known as Thresher, never anticipated liberation from his existence as an experimental subject. But now, having broken free into a post-Yellowstone eruption world, he's resolute in avoiding a return to captivity. Genetically modified and ill-prepared for life beyond the confines of the Facility, he seeks survival amidst the transformed landscape. His fate intertwines with Mako, a captivating outsider, whose journey offers a glimmer of hope in the perilous unknown. Thresher's quest for freedom takes on new dimensions as he navigates the hazards of this unfamiliar realm alongside his enigmatic companion.


Gwendolyn N. Nix is the author of the Celestial Scripts fantasy series, the cli-fi apocalyptic Sharks of the Wasteland, the weird west I Have Asked To Be Where No Storms Come, the urban fantasy horror Bone Knuckles & the Rose Scavenger, and editor of Marvel Xavier's Institute: School of X anthology. An editor with Aconyte Books, she lives in Montana with her husband, young son, and wild gray Labrador. Catch her musing at