Blackguards Book 02: Scoundrels Anthology

They are the people of the shadows, silently stalking their prey. They are the ears, the eyes, and the hands of mischief…of vengeance…of evil. And these are their tales.


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Trade Paperback

Creator: Edited by Melanie R. Meadors
Category: Anthology
Age Range: 16+
Vibes: Assassins, Treachery, Danger, Thief, Fantasy

In Short: More stories of cutthroats, shadowy figures, and mischievous villains set on strange paths in this dark fantasy setting.

What's It About: Dive into the realm of cutthroats, ne'er-do-wells, and blackguards, the shadowy figures lurking in the depths. Explore their tales of mischief, vengeance, and evil, crafted by bestselling and award-winning authors like Elaine Cunningham, Jon Sprunk, James A. Moore, Django Wexler, Cat Rambo, Rob J. Hayes, and more. With thirteen captivating stories, "Scoundrels'' offers a journey into dark fantasy that will keep you on edge and craving for more.


Melanie R. Meadors (she/they) is the author of fantasy stories where heroes don't always carry swords and bad guys often lose to nerds who study their weaknesses. She’s been known to befriend wandering garden gnomes, do battle with metal-eating squirrels, and has been called a superhero on more than one occasion. Her fiction has appeared in various magazines and anthologies, and she has edited multiple anthologies. She's co-owner of Mechanical Muse where she writes and edits content for roleplaying games.