Having committed his most horrific murder yet, Jack the Ripper flees London for the shores of America. A “by-the-book” investigator is set off by Scotland Yard on his trail. Except the investigator realizes there is only one certain path to stopping the world's most dangerous woman killer.

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Straight from Scotland Yard files: In the autumn of 1888, five women were brutally murdered in the East End of London by a killer known only as Jack the Ripper. Just as quickly as he struck, the Ripper vanished off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. Or so history would lead us to believe. What most people don’t know is what happened next.

Scotland Yard Detective Andrew Somerset, a “by-the-book” investigator, is given the horrific assignment of hunting down the Ripper at any cost. A job he is uniquely qualified for, as he is one of the few men who knows the Ripper’s true identity. What’s more, Scotland Yard doesn’t want this murderer caught, they want him eliminated. What follows is a frenzied chase from the slums of London, through the alleys of New York, to the emerald paradise of Jamaica. As Somerset closes in, he discovers he must forsake everything he values, even the strictures of the law, in order to stop history's most infamous killer.