Resound Fields

When Rumpus the rhinoceros calls out “sick” from work to spend the day pursuing his art, he doesn’t expect to be eaten by a giant, flying whale, or end up in a reality completely different from his own.


Choose Your Version: Hardcover


Creator: Donald “Scribe” Ross
Category: Graphic Novel
Age Range: All Ages
Vibes: Art, Fantasy, Counter Culture, Graffiti, Fun, Creative, Empowering Message, Portal Fantasy, Rhinoceros in Wonderland

In Short: Join Rumpus the Rhino on a whimsical journey through fantastical realms as he battles a cupcake-controlled regime, discovering the transformative power of creativity and imagination.

What's It About: Join Rumpus the rhinoceros on an unexpected journey through fantastical realms as he uncovers the mysteries of his grandfather's disappearance and battles against a cupcake-controlled regime. With the help of unlikely allies, including a tiny bee-eater and a courageous griffon, Rumpus learns the power of creativity and imagination in shaping a better world. Experience the magic of this heartwarming story that celebrates the transformative force of art and music.


Scribe's animated public murals are well known throughout the Kansas City area he calls home. He now brings that art and imagination to the pages of this all-ages chapter book, mixing comic-style storytelling and full-page art with a wild prose adventure.