Redeemers Issue 01

THE REDEEMERS is a western adventure/horror story that takes place in 1885 America, the beginning of the end of the Wild West. Based in a supernatural world of demons, fallen angels and forgotten gods, The Redeemers mixes action, humor and magic into pulpy adventure of a bygone era.

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Creator: HJ Whapeles (writer), Shannon Potratz (illustrator), Andy Owens (inker), Paul Little (colorist)
Category: Comic
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Wild West, Supernatural, Demons, Angels, Gods, Humor, Horror, Pulp

In Short: The Redeemers blends action, humor, and magic in a thrilling western adventure/horror set in 1885 America, weaving a tale of demons, fallen angels, and forgotten gods in the twilight of the Wild West.

What's It About: A gripping western adventure/horror set in 1885 America, capturing the twilight of the Wild West amidst a supernatural realm of demons, fallen angels, and forgotten gods. Follow the thrilling exploits of best friends Will and Owen as they inherit a dark legacy, confronting horrific beasts and unimaginable terrors while unwittingly becoming entangled in sinister forces plotting the ultimate cataclysm. With action, humor, and magic, The Redeemers delivers a pulpy adventure of a bygone era, where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance on the battlefields between Heaven and Hell.


HJ Whapeles - Creator/Writer
HJ Whapeles was raised in the state of Washington, on back dirt roads and rich forests. When he wasn't exploring the woods he grew up in, he spent his time reading comics, watching old westerns, and becoming addicted to 80's fantasy and horror movies. He served in the Marine Corps and earned a Presidential Service Badge, among other honors. He has been married to his amazing wife for 25 years and has been blessed with two incredibly talented kids who always demanded the most epic of bedtime stories growing up. The Redeemers is H.J.'s first work in comics. The story was originally developed as a novel, but he was convinced to make it a comic after his long-time friends, Shannon Potratz and Andy Owens, the artists of the book, started to develop the concept art of the characters. What you have in your hands is the hundreds of nights filled with Andy's long sighs and rants, Shannon's infectious laughter and extraordinary talent, and H.J.'s world that lived inside of his head. He hopes this story will inspire those who read it to never give up on what you believe in and to share the worlds you create with all.

Shannon Potratz - Illustrator/Letterer/Graphic Design
Shannon Potratz has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer almost from the moment he graduated high-school. For nearly 30 years, he's been working professionally, designing and illustrating just about anything you can think of. It wasn’t glamorous, but it paid the bills. In 2007, Shannon's collaboration with Outland Entertainment began, working on various RPG properties, movie posters, and comic books. His first major comic, written by acclaimed writer Cullen Bunn, launched in 2021.

Andy Owens - Inker
Andy Owens is a 26 year veteran of the comic book business. He has worked on titles ranging from Superman, Batman and JLA at DC Comics, to Spider-man and X-men at Marvel. He also had a long run on Buffy the Vampire Slayer at Dark Horse.

Paul Little - Colorist
Paul Little is a colorist whose work has appeared in comics from Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Joe Books, BOOM! Studios, among many other publishers. He colored the back half of the Eisner Award-nominated Morning Glories from Image Comics, and he has also contributed colors to a number of anthologies.