Pocket Odyssey

In Pocket Odyssey players assume the roles of legendary heroes embarking on epic quests, defeating monsters, finding loot and pretty much anything the players mind can imagine.

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Creator: Anthony Sato
Category: Board Game
Age Range: 12+
Vibes: Tabletop Game, Fantasy, Roleplaying, Exploration, Adventure

In Short: A micro dungeon crawler inspired by pen-and-paper roleplaying games.

What's It About: Delve into the Dungeonfell in Pocket Odyssey, a 2-4 player dungeon crawling board game inspired by pen-and-paper roleplaying games. Use cards to create a character and determine their powers, flaws and goals, then defeat monsters, explore the dungeons, and complete the Storyteller’s main quest, or fulfill your own personal objective to win!


Anthony Sato - Creator/Illustrator/Game Designer