Ocarus: The Crescent City: A 5E Blackguards RPG Zine


A heist-filled, oddity-laden, strange adventure setting of sword and sorcery and sometimes sandwiches... if you're lucky...

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Separated from our known reality by the starways of old, through dimensional doorways which swing open with more ease than most realize, the ancient world of Abalesh lies in wait.

Abalesh, where, along the coast of the lands of Halum, nestled like a polished jewel in a rusting crown, lies the Crescent City of Ocarus.

Ocarus, whose densely-packed slums and massive manor houses rest upon cobbled streets, which separate the land beneath the sky from the cavernous network of tunnels and crypts that both honored dead and sites of profane rituals alike.

It is here, in this place of wonder and horror, of legacy and lore, that strange journeys begin…