Neverland's Library Anthology

DRAGONS, MAGIC, PRINCESSES OF MIGHTY KINGDOMS... Elements of fantasy that have carried on throughout the many ages, and yet, may one day be forgotten. Enter and delve into the roots of fantasy, rediscovering the fantastic and exploring lost worlds. This is storytelling at its best.


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Creator: Edited by Roger Bellini
Category: Anthology
Age Range: 12+
Vibes: Fantasy, Anthology, Collection, Magic

In Short: Neverland's Library is a collection of original works that focus on fantasy and the love of the genre.

What's It About: Neverland’s Library is a collection of original short stories that harken back to moments in literature where we all first fell in love with fantasy. This anthology features stories from writers such as Marie Brennan, R.S. Belcher, Mercedes M. Yardley, Jeff Salyards, Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey Mariotte, and more. Each story is presented with the hope that you find some spark of joy or flash of excitement that will transport you back to the days when the impossible felt new, and a landscape of dragons and dreams filled you with wonder and excitement.


Roger Bellini - Editor