Ironheart Chronicles Book 02: Magpie's Fall

The worst of her nightmares has finally come to pass: Raggy Maggy is thrown into the depths of the Pits, an underground labyrinth of caves filled with Rotters, lost Meridians, and forgotten Moon Children.


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Trade Paperback

Creator: Allison Pang
Category: Novel
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Fantasy, Steampunk, Gaslamp fantasy, Coming of Age, Adventure, Burn It All Down 

In Short: Amidst Rotters and lost Moon Children, Maggy uncovers the truth behind BrightStone's plague. Follow her journey through darkness as she seeks to unravel the city's secrets.

What's It About: Embark on a harrowing journey alongside Raggy Maggy as she navigates the perilous depths of the Pits, an underground maze teeming with dangers. With her allies' promises fading into the darkness, Maggy is left to confront her worst nightmares, injured and alone. As she delves deeper into uncovering the origins of the Rot plague gripping BrightStone, Maggy's path leads her to a village of Meridian scientists. But amidst the mysteries surrounding her iron heart and the truth of Meridion itself, sinister forces both above and below threaten to unravel everything she holds dear.


Allison is the author of the Abby Sinclair UF series, the steampunk fantasy IronHeart Chronicles and the graphic novel/webcomic Fox & Willow. She has also published several short stories that range from horror to humor to tragically melancholy and she particularly enjoys twisting fairy tales for her own dark purposes. She likes LEGOS, elves, LEGO elves…and bacon.