Kinterlands: Siege Command Core Game


Capture and hold the turrets in each of the four lanes to destroy your opponent’s walls. Secretly prepare units and spells during the simultaneous planning phase. Then adapt your strategy while taking turns resolving cards in the action phase.

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Siege Command Core Game
Siege Command Neoprene Game Mat
Siege Command Player Screens (x2)
Siege Command Neoprene Player Mats (x2)
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Category: Card Game
Age Range: 12+
Play Time: 45-60 min
Player Count: 2 players
Vibes: MOBA, Tower Defense, 2-player strategy, quick gameplay, expandable content, endless replayability

In Short: Two players battle for control over the battlefield stretched between them, fighting to occupy the turrets that fire upon the opponent’s walls each round.

What's It About: Siege Command is a two-player, lane-based strategy game containing a mixture of simultaneous planning and turn-based strategy. Deploying a variety of Units and casting powerful Spells, players battle for control over the Turrets in each of the 4 lanes in order to destroy their opponent's walls.


Ryan Collins
After working in video game development for over a decade, Ryan began to explore the world of tabletop game design. What started as a simple design prototype has grown into Ryan's first game, Siege Command, and is still continuing to expand through his comics and additional games that all take place in the world of Kinterlands.