Kings & Canvas: The Mammoth Edition


Years ago, a boxing champion named Mammoth was exiled and imprisoned. Now, a decade later, he punches his way out of prison, ready to return to the family, title and country he’d left behind.

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Creator: Neil Kleid, Jake Allen, Frank Reynoso
Category: Graphic Novel
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Fantasy, Boxing, Funny, Amazing Art, Rise Up, Punch Stuff

In Short: The exiled boxing champ Mammoth punches his way to redemption and freedom in this fantasy landscape.

What's It About: Step into the epic tale of Mammoth, a former boxing champion exiled and imprisoned years ago. Now, after a decade behind bars, he emerges determined to reclaim his family, title, and country. In this transformed America, where man, beast, dragon, and champion clash on the battlefield, Mammoth embarks on a journey across the land. Alongside a motley crew of pirate champions, irritable sea dwarves, and talking, boxing polar bears, Mammoth prepares to challenge the unjust king and the malevolent councilor who once banished him. Join Mammoth on a thrilling adventure of redemption, courage, and triumph in this captivating narrative.


Neil Kleid - Author/Letterer
Xeric-Award winning graphic novelist Neil Kleid authored the acclaimed graphic novels ‘Ninety Candles,’ ‘Brownsville’ and ‘The Big Kahn’, the latter two which are the first entries in his sequential/narrative exploration of Judaism. With the late Alex Nino, Neil adapted Jack London’s novel ‘The Call of The Wild’ into comics for Penguin Books; did the opposite for the seminal Marvel Comics’ storyline ‘Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt’; co-authored (with Brian Michael Bendis) ‘Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim’ for MacMillan Books, an original prose novel based on the award-winning comic; and penned ‘The Phoenix Chase’, an original X-Men novel for Aconyte Books / Marvel. Neil also co-authored the young adult food adventure graphic novel ‘Savor’ for Dark Horse Comics; 'Kings and Canvas', a boxing fantasy comic with Jake Allen and Frank Reynoso; and both ‘The Panic’, a New York subway thriller with Andrea Mutti, and 'Nice Jewish Boys', a suburban crime comic with John Broglia and Ellie Wright, were released from Comixology Originals. He lives with his wife, kids, dog and a kosher grill in New Jersey.

Jake Allen - Illustrator
Jake Allen attended the Joe Kubert School. Formerly the Senior Comic Artist at Bit Fry Gaming Studio. Among the projects he has illustrated are: Brownsville, and Kings & Canvas. He lives in New England, and may be shoveling snow right now.

Frank Reynoso - Colorist
Frank Reynoso is a comics creator and illustrator. His work has appeared in "Gates of Hell" (Webtoon), "Savor" (Dark Horse Comics), "Black Heroes of the Wild West" (Toon Books), "Unrig" (First Second Books), and "Showtime at the Apollo" (Abrams Books) amongst others.