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The subject of a bizarre government experiment is transported to an alternate universe full of strange creatures and deadly sorcerers.

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Creator: Jon Gregerson (creator), Jonathan Yanez (writer), Roberto Viacava (illustrator), Steve Firchow (colorist), Shannon Potratz (letterer)
Category: Comic
Age Range: Adult
Vibes: Science fiction, fantasy, alternate history

In Short: The subject of a bizarre government experiment is transported to an alternate universe full of strange creatures and deadly sorcerers.

What's It About: Rooted in stories of CIA remote viewing and mind control conspiracies, the first issue of this comic series sees Elena transported to a world parallel to our own via strange technology. Ferocious monsters attack her immediately, and it’s only with the help of a winged lion that seems to know her that she’s able to escape. But she’s not the first person to make this trip; her grandmother disappeared into these Hollowlands years ago, and tracking her down might be Elena’s only hope for salvation.


Jon Gregerson - Author
Jon Gregerson is a Distinguished Concept Artist and former Art Director with a background leading such projects as the original Call of Duty console game. Jon has worked at Dreamworks Interactive, EA, Spark Unlimited, Midway and Zynga. Currently Jon is working on a Game of Thrones in his role at Zynga/Take 2 and in conjunction with HBO. Jon has been interested in story telling since early childhood growing up in war torn Vietnam and later living in Papua as well as traveling to other remote regions which has helped to create a fertile ground for his imagination.

Jonathan Yanez - Author
Jonathan Yanez has been writing science fiction and fantasy for over a decade. He's a USA Today and International bestseller, winner of the Jack London award and multi-award winning filmmaker.

Robert Viacava - Illustrator
Roberto Viacava is an Argentinian illustrator and comic book artist based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. His work has been published in several countries such as Italy, France, Argentina, and the US. His clients include DC Comics, Avatar Press (USA), Humanoïdes Asocies, Soleil Prod, Delcourt (France), Eura (Italia), Pictus Ed (Argentina).

Steve Firchow - Colorist
Steve Firchow is an illustrator, concept artist and art director with decades of experience in the entertainment industry. In the video game industry, Steve has worked on multiple AAA titles including Call of Duty and Shadow of Mordor. Steve is now an art director at Machine Zone/Applovin working on some exciting mobile game properties. Steve has collaborated with many premiere artists in the comic industry and has created traditional and digital illustrations for Image Comics, Darkhorse Comics, Mattel, Sega, TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Ace Books and many other advertising and publishing agencies.

Shannon Potratz - Letterer
Shannon Potratz has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer almost from the moment he graduated high-school. For nearly 30 years, he's been working professionally, designing and illustrating everything from T-shirts to games to illustrated books. In 2007, Shannon's collaboration with Outland Entertainment began, working on various RPG properties, movie posters, and comic books. His first major comic, written by acclaimed writer Cullen Bunn, launched in 2021.