Hopeless, Maine Book 03: Sinners


On the strange haunted island of Hopeless, Maine, young Salamandra explores the limits of her powers and the strength of her convictions. Both she and her newly discovered friend, Owen Davies, face life-changing events at the Pallid Rock Orphanage and begin to take control of their own lives. Just as magic has limits, so does the ability of adults to shield children from harm and consequences in this often dire place.


Owen returns to the island of Hopeless, Maine to find Salamandra has grown. 

Unfortunately, reunions are cut short by a a new illness affecting the population. Is it consumption Or some vampiric disease. Salamandra and Omen investigate the source of the mysterious disease and try to stop a war between the villagers and the local vampires. Things only get more delicate when Sal's parents get involved! 

Be careful as you venture deeper into the source of Salamandra's powers and the story of Hopeless, Maine, as answers only raise more questions.


Nimue Brown - Author/Illustrator
Nimue Brown is the author and sometimes the colourist for the Hopeless, Maine graphic novels. She's a published novelist and also writes non-fiction books, Paganism, comedy horror, gothic and steampunk are her main areas of interest. A native of Gloucestershire in the UK, she plays viola for Jessica Law and the Outlaws and is significantly involved with the Gloucestershire steampunk scene.

Tom Brown - Author/Illustrator
Tom Brown was raised by books in much the same way that Tarzan was raised by apes but with much less dramatic results. He got his first professional illustration gig when he was thirteen and has been working in the field since then.