Hopeless, Maine: A Semblance of Truth

It began as a graphic novel series set on a gothic island lost in time. Since then the creative family has grown and there are many who have come to play on this strange island and now will never leave.



Creator: Nimue Brown & Tom Brown
Category: Novella
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Horror, Lovecraftian, Mystery, Strange, Magic, Fantasy 

In Short: Check out Hopeless Main, now showcased by fresh authors with fun new additions to the strange and scary landscape.

What's It About: As the only journalist on the island of Hopeless, Maine, Frampton Jones has seen terrible things.

His quest for the truth exposes him to strangeness at every turn. Now someone is leaving him messages written with the remains of fish. The island's spoon thief may be using his home as their hideout. His camera is probably possessed by something unspeakable. Trying to make sense of the things he encounters is an ongoing flirtation with madness.

A Semblance of Truth is set at about the same time as the first Hopeless, Maine graphic novel (Personal Demons) and fills in some of the background for that story while also expanding on the peculiarities of life on a gothic island.


Nimue Brown is the author and sometimes the colourist for the Hopeless, Maine graphic novels. She's a published novelist and also writes non-fiction books, Paganism, comedy horror, gothic and steampunk are her main areas of interest. A native of Gloucestershire in the UK, she plays viola for Jessica Law and the Outlaws and is significantly involved with the Gloucestershire steampunk scene.