Galefire: Preview Issue 00

Step into the thrilling world of Galefire, where swashbuckling escapades and daring exploits take flight amidst the boundless magic of the open skies!

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The Saga of the Crimson Corsairs, follows Captain Slayde as he investigates a bounty within a derelict mana siphon that has gone silent for a reported 14 days. Inside he finds more than he bargained for and a revelation that his employers may not have wanted him to find. Follow Slayde as he cuts through a demonic infestation and strikes down the greater demon leading them in this first step into the Galefire Universe!

Michael Rookard is an illustrator, author, and creator of the Galefire universe. He has created art for some big franchises such as Warhammer 40k and Pathfinder, but creating his own world was always the goal. Michael enjoys gaming, tabletop, and reading comics and books. He lives in Kansas with his three children and his wife, and his office is filled with collectibles, toys, and art books.