Efilu Legacy Book 01: Dragon's Heir

Earth. 1996. It’s not an alien invasion—it’s a homecoming.


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Earth. 1996. It’s not an alien invasion—it’s a homecoming.

Sixty-five million years ago, while titanic dinosaurs roamed the earth, the Efilu created an advanced civilization full of technological marvels. In the face of worldwide catastrophe, the Efilu fled to the stars, leaving a devastated planet behind them. As they migrated across the galaxy , their civilization flourished. But when disaster strikes again in the form of a mysterious plague, the crew of the ReQam are sent back to their planet of origin, searching for untainted resources that might lead to a cure.

Efilu archaeologist Vit Na isn’t sure about her role in the ReQam‘s mission. But when they discover that their homeworld is now dominated by mammals who seemed to have evolved to resemble the Efilu and built a civilization of their own, her skills become vital to the mission. And if it turns out this cosmic pandemic isn’t natural, but engineered, there may be enemies among the crew.

Deciding who to trust may be Vit Na’s biggest challenge of all.

Three brothers on a collision course with fate. But is man’s fate shaped by outside forces, or their own free will? That’s the question they need to answer, even if the truth shatters the very foundation of their existence.