Cupcake Dragon Card Game



Creator: Wendy Vogel
Game Design: Wendy Vogel & Drew Vogel
Illustrator: Aaron Palsmeier
Graphic Design: Angie Dreher-Bayman
Category: Picture Book 
Age Range: 3-8
Vibes: Children’s Book, Fantasy, Adventure

In Short: Bandits steal cupcakes from a bakery and the baker’s daughters take it upon themselves to solve the problem by seeking the protection of a dragon.

What’s It About: A gang of greedy bandits rob a much loved bakery of its famously delicious cupcakes. In their quest to stop the thieves, two sisters seek help from a reclusive and reluctant dragon. Inspired by the family-friendly tabletop card game designed by Drew and Wendy Vogel.The story by Jeremy D. Mohler and Alana Joli Abbott encourages perseverance through the characters along with quality vocabulary words for emergent and young readers. Cupcake Dragon picture book is full of spectacular traditional watercolor and pencil illustrations by Aaron Palsmeier who also created all the art for the card game.


Wendy Vogel is a veterinarian, cancer warrior, marathon runner, SCUBA diver, and board game designer. She is the author of The Risen (Outland), the Horizon Alpha sci-fi series and The Forgotten King (Future House), the Stones of the Seven Series as Allison Rook, and co-author of Five Minutes to Success: Master the Craft of Writing (with Jeri Fay Maynard). She is a faculty speaker for the Writing Day Workshop and former president of Cincinnati Fiction Writers. She lives in Cincinnati with husband Andrew and a houseful of special needs cats. Find her at