Bloody Waters

Is the Devil more trustworthy than a record executive?


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Is the Devil more trustworthy than a record executive?

Young guitar virtuoso Clarice Marnier is on the verge of success when she crosses the wrong A&R man. Suddenly, instead of being signed to a major label, she's blacklisted.

So Clarice makes a deal with the Devil: the soul of her enemy for a record deal and a second chance.

As Clarice and her band, Bloody Waters, begin their ascent to rock stardom, they are beset by a strange array of enemies. Has-been guitar heroes, popstar succubi, spell-slinging DJs, angry divas and killer angels—every occult freak and music industry player in LA wants something from them, whether it’s a slice of their fame or a bite of their souls.

Jason Franks is the author of Bloody Waters, Faerie Apocalypse, and Shadowmancy, and the writer of the Sixsmiths graphic novels. He works at the intersection of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and comedy, but he'll stalk a story into any genre. Franks' work has variously been short-listed for Aurealis, Ditmar and Ledger awards. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his family and a brace of guitars. Find him online at