Bloody Waters

Is the Devil more trustworthy than a record executive?


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Creator: Jason Franks
Category: Novel
Age Range: Adult
Vibes: Magical Realism, Fantasy, Demons, Magic, Occult, Urban Fantasy, Rock n Roll

In Short: A female guitar prodigy sticks it to the man, the music industry, and the shadowy magical forces exploiting the global music scene.

What's It About: After getting blacklisted from the major recording labels by a scumbag executive, young guitarist Clarice Marnier makes a deal with the devil in exchange for a record contract and another chance at rock stardom. Her success attracts the attention of even worse entities hellbent on using their strange powers to bring down Clarice and her band, Bloody Waters. Author Jason Franks catapults the reader into a raucous world of hard rock and demons, and the soundtrack will stick in your ear long after you’ve finished reading.


Jason Franks is the author of Bloody Waters, Faerie Apocalypse, and Shadowmancy, and the writer of the Sixsmiths graphic novels. He works at the intersection of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and comedy, but he'll stalk a story into any genre. Franks' work has variously been short-listed for Aurealis, Ditmar and Ledger awards. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his family and a brace of guitars. Find him online at