Apex: World of Dinosaurs Anthology


Dinosaurs. Apex predators. Prehistoric creatures, whose very steps shook the crust of the Earth. Monsters of nightmares—or mighty creatures of honor?


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Trade Paperback

Creator: Edited by Jonathan M. Thompson & Alana Joli Abbott
Category: Anthology
Age Range: 16+
Vibes: Dinosaurs, Adventure, Comedy, Horror

In Short: A diverse group of authors showcase dinosaur stories crossing multiple speculative genres.

What's It About: Explore a diverse anthology of dinosaur tales, featuring both animals and anthropomorphic creatures in various genres. Edited by Jonathan M. Thompson and Alana Joli Abbott, these stories delve into human-dinosaur companionships and prehistoric threats. Journey into whimsical fantasies and existential horror, and uncover the inner thoughts of these titanic creatures.


Alana Joli Abbott - Editor
Editor, proofreader, author, and game designer with 20+ years of experience in science fiction, fantasy, and children's nonfiction.

Jonathan Thompson - Editor
He earned a master's degree in military history from ULM. His love for history and tabletop gaming lead to him form Battlefield Press International. He also wrote several game related books including Sherwood, Agents of G.A.I.A., and Terran Trade Authority.