Apex: Theropod Deck-Building Game Collected Edition (3rd Edition)


Apex is a deck-building game, played solo or with up to 5 friends. You play as a prehistoric predator competing for territory and resources against other predators. Each playable species has a unique deck to master. Each deck has different strengths, weaknesses, and strategies—creating a varied and constantly evolving experience.

Choose Your Option: Apex Collected 3rd Edition

Apex Collected 3rd Edition
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Creator: Herschel Hoffmeyer (Game Design & Artist) 
Category: Deck building card game 
Age Range: 12+
Suggested Players: 1 - 4 Recommended [Up to 6 possible but game time is lengthy] 
Play Time: 60-120 min
Vibes: Dinosaurs, Hunting, Deck building, Competitive play, Solo play

In Short: Evolve your species into the strongest predator in the prehistoric world in this deck building dinosaur game.

What's It About: Choose from fourteen different prehistoric species and play against up to five friends to become the ultimate Apex Predator in this epic deck building game that collects the original Apex Therapod game and all expansion content. Compete over the best prey among a limited public supply, then use the resulting carcasses to either hatch new eggs or evolve your species with special upgrades. You may choose to attack your opponents’ nests and slow down their progress. However you choose to play, everyone competes against the Environment deck, which serves as the game’s timer and (spoiler alert) ends with a bang!


Herschel Hoffmeyer
Herschel Hoffmeyer served eights years in the armed forces and attended college at the Art Institutes in Game Art & Design. He loves creating and designing games from the ground up and handles the majority of the work. It doesn't matter if it is prototyping mechanics, developing theme and story, or making art, he loves it all and has been doing it as a hobby since his early childhood. He's a jack of all trades...