Genius Loci Book 02 Anthology: Animus Mundi

Tales of guardian spirits and divine powers, demonic powers and ghosts encompass this anthology of sixteen fantasy and science fiction stories by best-selling and award-winning authors including Cat Rambo, Seanan Mcguire, and Stina Leicht. Drawing on the rich tradition of place-as-person, the concept of ‘genius loci’ is indeed an ancient one and found in nearly every human mythology. Within its pages, the authors present stories of sentient deserts, beneficent forests, lonely shrubs, and protective planetary spirits.


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Trade Paperback

Creator: Edited by Jaym Gates
Category: Anthology
Age Range: 12+
Vibes: Gods, Spirits, The Divine, Storytelling, Strange Place, Science Fiction

In Short: The second collection of compelling anthologies featuring divine powers, mystical spaces, and guardian spirits by talented authors from across the science fiction space.

What's It About: Dive into the enchanting world of “Genius Loci,” an expansive anthology series brimming with tales of guardian spirits and divine powers penned by celebrated authors including Seanan McGuire, Ken Liu, Alethea Kontis, Laura Anne Gilman, Scott Edelman, and more. With captivating new stories, this collection delves into the age-old concept of “genius loci,” found in diverse human mythologies, weaving together elements of fantasy and science fiction. Explore the mystical realms of sentient deserts, beneficent forests, and protective planetary spirits, illuminated by the exquisite artwork of Lisa A. Grabenstetter and Evan M. Jensen, and masterfully curated by editor Jaym Gates.


Jaym Gates is an acquiring editor for Nisaba Press and Falstaff Books, as well as a freelance editor and author.