3x3: A Post-It Note Art Book


Sometimes art happens in small places. In the margins of a notebook. A doodle on a meeting agenda. Or on Post-It notes found around the office, as in the case of this full collection by Austin artist Kennon James.

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Creator: Kennon James
Category: Art Book
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Sword & Sorcery, Science Fiction, Art Book, Fantasy, Art Jam

In Short: A collection of post-it drawings from fantasy artist Kennon James, that shows big things can be done on a small scale. 

What's It About: Kennon James, an Austin-based artist known best for his old-school D&D illustrations, explores fantasy landscapes and character designs in these black and white images in a way that feels like an elevated take on doodles one would do in the margins of their notebook during a meeting or zoning out during a lecture in class. 3X3: A Post-It Note Art Book really showcase what happens when an artist liberates themselves from the constraints of a larger canvas and starts to works small.


Kennon James is a native-Texan illustrator, cartoonist, writer and concept artist. Over his career he has worked on a wide variety of projects over many different genres and mediums. He currently lives in Hutto, Texas with wife, kids, dogs, and cats.