Beasts & Botanicals 02: A 5E RPG Zine


Beasts & Botanicals is Outland Entertainment's cottage core world of original dark folklore!

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Creators: Anton Kromoff & Ann Marie Cochran
Written: Anton Kromoff
Illustrated: Ann Marie Cochran
Category: 5e Adventure Setting, Roleplaying Game
Age Range: 12+
Vibes: Fantasy, Adventure, Dungeon Crawler

What's It About: In the soft embrace of a land enchanted by the warmth of a seemingly eternal spring, where the air carries the fragrance of budding blossoms and the sun paints the landscape in warm hues of gold and amber, lies a realm of beauty and wonder. Here, amidst the rolling hills festooned with vibrant wildflowers that sway in the breeze, roam colossal shaggy creatures whose footsteps shake the earth and whose deep bellows can be heard for miles upon miles around.

Despite the tranquil appearance of the landscape and the creatures that inhabit it, there is an ever-present sense of anticipation that hangs in the air, like a shroud draped over a mirror one moment after death for fear of what comes next if the whispered lore of hermits and sages be believed. The warm winds seem to carry echoes of half-forgotten stories, weaving intricate patterns in the minds of those who dare to listen.

Amidst the whispers of the sea of grass and the secrets of the soil, where the great shaggy beasts wander and the Vilden shepherd over them with watchful eyes and secret songs, you are but a transient visitor in a realm that pulses with ancient wisdom and hidden wonders. It's as if the very land itself is alive, and you are but a fleeting intruder in its domain.

Beasts & Botanicals:  Vilden of the Grasslands is a tabletop role playing supplement compatible with the world’s most popular role playing game. Within these pages you will find lore, stats, and game mechanics on Vilden of the Grasslands...

  • Stats and lore on the Vilden Lore Keepers
  • Stats and lore on the Vilden Blade Callers
  • Stats and lore on the Great Shaggy Beasts of the Grasslands
  • Stats and lore on the Blood Eyed Ticks
  • Stats and lore on the Whispering Blood Leapers
  • Stats and lore on the Whispering Bloom Wildflowers and the multitude of potions and elixirs you can make with them.

Anton Kromoff - Author/Game Designer
Anton is a passionate multimedia storyteller, content creator, published writer, journalist, designer, and builder of immersive worlds as the Games Director for Outland Entertainment.

Ann Marie Cochran - Illustrator

Jeremy D. Mohler - Graphic Design
Jeremy is an illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also the owner of Outland Entertainment.