Fox & Willow Book 02: To the Sea


Continuing their journey to lift Gideon’s curse, Willow and her fox companion have been tasked with escorting Princess Nuala to be wed to a prince from another kingdom. But despite Nuala’s hopes of making a joyful union, not all is what it seems between the prince and his betrothed. When his mistress, a barefoot woman without a tongue appears, the bonds of friendship between the two ladies grows, even as a storm brews on the horizon.

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Creator: Allison Pang, Irma “Aimo” Ahmed
Category: Graphic Novel
Age Range: 10+
Vibes: Fairytales, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Mythology, Folklore, Friendship, There Is A Curse This Time!

In Short: Take another journey with Willow and her fox companion Gideon as they travel with a princess to meet her prince in a distant kingdom.

What's It About: Join Willow and her fox companion Gideon as they accompany Princess Nuala on a journey to fulfill her betrothal to a prince from a distant kingdom, all while seeking to lift Gideon's curse. However, tensions rise as secrets unravel, revealing a complex web of deceit and hidden agendas. Amidst the stormy backdrop, bonds of friendship strengthen between Willow, Nuala, and a mysterious barefoot woman, setting the stage for a gripping tale of loyalty, deception, and unexpected alliances in this spin on the classic tale “The Little Mermaid.”


Allison Pang - Author
Allison is the author of the Abby Sinclair UF series, the steampunk fantasy IronHeart Chronicles and the graphic novel/webcomic Fox & Willow. She has also published several short stories that range from horror to humor to tragically melancholy and she particularly enjoys twisting fairy tales for her own dark purposes. She likes LEGOS, elves, LEGO elves…and bacon.

Irma "Aimo" Ahmed - Illustrator
Aimo is one of the most (if not the most) popular fan artists in Dragon Age fandom. She draws in a wide range of fandoms, but her main body of work is art for BioWare games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Fandoms: Mass Effect, Dragon Age,Star Wars: The Old Republic, etc.