Ironheart Chronicles Book 01: Magpie's Song

In the slums of BrightStone, Moon Children are worth less than the scrap they must collect to survive.


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Trade Paperback

Creator: Allison Pang
Category: Novel
Age Range: 13+
Vibes: Fantasy, Steampunk, Gaslamp fantasy, Coming of Age, Adventure, Burn It All Down 

In Short: Explore BrightStone's grim slums, where Raggy Maggy uncovers a dangerous secret in this thrilling novel by Allison Pang.

What's It About: Discover the gritty world of BrightStone, where Moon Children struggle to survive in the slums amidst plague and rejection. Despite their Meridian heritage, they are outcasts forced to scavenge for survival and serve as Tithe, guiding infected citizens into the dangerous Pits. When nineteen-year-old Raggy Maggy stumbles upon a murdered owner and a clockwork dragon, she becomes the prime suspect in a city rife with suspicion. With the help of an exiled doctor and a clanless Moon Child named Ghost, Maggy must navigate betrayal and danger to uncover the truth about her mysterious past. Dive into this gripping tale of survival and intrigue in a world on the brink of collapse.


Allison is the author of the Abby Sinclair UF series, the steampunk fantasy IronHeart Chronicles and the graphic novel/webcomic Fox & Willow. She has also published several short stories that range from horror to humor to tragically melancholy and she particularly enjoys twisting fairy tales for her own dark purposes. She likes LEGOS, elves, LEGO elves…and bacon.