Books of Before & Now: The Jawbone & The Junkman

Papa Lucy saved the human race. He was a sorcerer, a lawmaker, a god.


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Trade Paperback

Creator: Jason Fischer
Category: Novel
Age Range: Adult

Vibes: Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Interdimensional Travel, Science Fiction

In Short: A gunslinging mage and his apprentices travel to a parallel realm in search of a means of defeating a rampaging god.

What's It About: Fifteen years after facing off with Papa Lucy, Lanyard Everett faces a new threat that has emerged to challenge his restored order of Jesusmen. A mystical artifact known as the jawbone guides Lanyard and his crew into the Underfog, where they’ll face a host of undead monstrosities–and maybe find a way to fight off the dark forces ransacking the settlements of the Now. This second novel in the Books of Before & Now series raises the stakes for our heroes while simultaneously offering a fascinating window into the events that led to the death of humanity’s former home.


Jason Fischer is a writer who lives near Adelaide, South Australia. He has received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, won an Aurealis Award and the Writers of the Future Contest, and received the Colin Thiele Literature Scholarship. In Jason’s jack-of-all-trades writing career he has written for television and the stage, as well as a variety of prose projects such as novels, roleplaying games, and more. Jason also facilitates writing workshops, is an enthusiastic mentor, and loves anything to do with the written or spoken word.

Jason is also the founder and CEO of Spectrum Writing, a service that teaches professional writing skills to people on the Autism Spectrum. He is powered by Earl Grey tea, Dungeons & Dragons, godawful puns, karaoke, and the Oxford Comma.