The Soulless by Kate Martin Acquired

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix


Novelist Kate Martin joins Outland Entertainment family with The Soulless

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (MARCH 2, 2020)—A new dark epic fantasy called The Soulless by up-and-coming novelist Kate Martin has been acquired by Outland Entertainment. The Soulless presents a new twist on the traditional story of seraphs, witches, and demons by intertwining original characters into a reimagined world. When a young man of unknown origins is pulled deeper and deeper into supernatural politics and war, he must use his own power to keep everything he loves from falling into the hands of a demon god—all the while discovering the truth of his parentage. “I am so excited to be working with Outland Entertainment to bring The Soulless to shelves everywhere!" said Kate Martin. "Of all the stories I’ve written, this is the one I am most proud of to date. I’ve been watching the work Outland has been doing, and I am thrilled that The Soulless has found a home with them.” “I’m pleased to be able to continue growing Outland's dark fantasy titles with The Soulless,” Gwendolyn Nix, senior editor with Outland Entertainment, said regarding the new acquisition. “Kate has created an incredibly unique and engaging world with striking characters. I can’t wait to work with her to publish this story.” The Soulless expects a 2021 release from Outland Entertainment.


ABOUT KATE MARTIN Kate Martin is the author of numerous novels and short stories--some public, some secret, but almost all delving into the world of the fantastic. When not writing, she can be found either teaching dance, or--more likely--at home with her two daughters, grumpy cat, and English teacher husband. There are a lot of books in the house. Which is good, because they live in New England--where it is usually too cold, or too hot, and rarely the perfect temperature. Follow her on Instagram at @katewmartin. ABOUT OUTLAND ENTERTAINMENT Outland Entertainment was founded as a creative services company in 2008 by Jeremy Mohler. Since then, Outland has worked for a wide variety of clients across the world. Outland specializes in assembling creative teams and managing projects. Contact them via their site form or go to For more information, contact Jeremy Mohler at

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