Swords in the Shadows and Raze - a Cullen Bunn double feature, available now!

With the spooky season in full effect, horror master Cullen Bunn coming in hot with a devilish double-header of doom and dismay! It's the literary equivalent of that house that gives out full-size candy bars on Halloween.

First up is Bunn's novella, Raze: Book One. It's a very compelling tale of a sanctuary under siege by ferocious monsters outside—and even worse beasts within.

Through the haze of battle, two strangers arrive at the convent’s gates. One is a healer. The other is a warrior. They have treachery, thievery, and murder on their minds. But lies and betrayal and corruption are not unknown to the Sisterhood of Sacred Visitation. The secrets hidden in the depths of the convent have brought death to many who have sought to bring them into the light.

Next up: Cullen's put together an amazing team of horror writers for the Swords in the Shadows short fiction anthology.

Swords in the Shadows features twenty-one stories with a bloody stake driven into the heart of both the horror and fantasy camps. Herein, you will find fantasy worlds, brave warriors, fabulous creatures, wondrous magic. But you will also uncover bloodcurdling chills, spine-tingling horror, and an examination of those things that truly terrify.

And don't forget to back the Kickstarter for Cullen's new middle-grade novel, Crooked Hills!

- Scott Colby is Outland Entertainment's senior editor and the author of both Deviant Magic and Black Yonnix: A Bitter End. Nothing scares him more than the suburbs.

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