Steven Dudley - Nightfell Producer

Down to earth, but with a flare for fantasy, Steven Dudley explains how he got himself producer of a fantasy webcomic. How did you find yourself producing Nightfell? I was approached by my friend Jeremy Mohler. He’d asked roughly a year before the Nightfell project began if I was interested. Did you always envision it as a webcomic? Not always. Jeremy told me the project would be presented as such early on. There's a whole debate around comics becoming digital. Do you think webcomics are the gateway for this new digital world? Yes. Everything is going digital. With that said, I don’t believe web comics will ever phase out hardcopy, but, will act as an extension – a compliment. Do you find yourself more driven towards a specific genre(s)? Which one(s)? Yes, I lean towards fantasy. Why? I was the typical kid who was awestruck by the Hobbit. I do like other genres though, but, yes, fantasy is my favorite. I’d also started playing D&D early on and so many good memories from that. Was it always your intention to work in this creative field? No. I never thought I’d be a part of a project in this way. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised since I have so many very talented artist friends. I feel lucky. What was the first book you ever read (or was read to you)? A book about bigfoot. And comics: which were your favorite ones? Spiderman and Batman. I’d also read the Savage Sword of Conan from time to time. Nowadays, what can we find you reading? Books regarding the nature of reality and primitive living skills. Are you a person of idols? If you mean “do I idolize people”…. Nope. But, I admire great art and people can be great works of art if they choose to be. Who were your childhood heroes? My dad, my grandpa and my uncle. And today? Who do you look up to? I can’t say I look up to people. I can only say there are a few I highly respect. What was the first thing you ever wrote? A short story about a mech warrior. I’d written it for a programmer friend of mine who was getting some of his code placed in a magazine back in the 80’s. The short story was published with it as an introduction. Was an exciting event for me since I was only a kid. What kind of games do you play? Board or Computer games? I play both. Not big into first person shooters though I’ve played many. I’m looking more for computer games that create randomly generated worlds and can be delivered from private, dedicated servers. I’m bored with the way marketing has dictated how computer games are created. As far as board games go, I own many and like various kinds, though War of the Ring and Battlestar Galactica are a couple that have me hook-line-and-sinker. So... can you tell us what project(s) are you most looking forward in the short run? Nightfell. It’s the only project I’m involved with at the moment and I think it’s an absolutely great story. The world needs Nightfell. Thanks Steven for telling us about your story! S.G P.S.: If you enjoyed reading this interview take a look at the other ones we have from illustrators to writers, passing through game-designers and authors.

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