Shotguns & Sorcery: Assassin of the Black Hand

So the next in the line of art generated for the Shotguns & Sorcery project is one of the assassin's of the Black Hand. I had fun designing this fellow. These guys are supposed to be some of the most deadly and dangerous groups in the series. I loved designing the ninja gear and the slightly different weapon designs - I picture everything a dark grey or black, including the weapons and gloves. The tattoo on his arm was also fun to create - I wanted to try to generate a sort of refined roughness to them. That sense of implied danger. I'm not entirely sure I managed to pull it off, but I tried! You'll see that we went through several revisions. My initial impulse was to make it clear that these were orcs. Hard to do that when you cover the face. But, leaving the face uncovered sort of went counter to the essence of these characters and ultimately, Matt suggested that we cover there faces. He was right - I think he seems more dangerous with the cover over his face. Of course, I liked the orc face I drew! It was hard to erase it! When I get to the colors, I think I'll make the orcs have yellow eyes - the yellow against the black could look pretty good, I think. Hope you like it! There will be more characters and artwork forthcoming! JM

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