Set Sail on the Outer Seas: Now on Kickstarter's ZineQuest!

It's finally here! Behind the scenes here at Outland Entertainment, the team has been hard at work developing the Outer Seas, an incredibly cool setting designed by Outland's own Games Director, Anton Kromoff. We've just kicked off the first TTRPG Zine in the setting as part of Kickstarter’s ZineQuest. With brand new original art by Jake Allen, Outer Seas: The Clawing Chaos embraces the vibes of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons and leans into sword and sorcery style adventure. It's weird. It's wild. It's wet—the seas stretch across the horizons, with little dry land between!

The Outer Seas: The Clawing Chaos

The Clawing Chaos is a six-to-eight-hour adventure for low-level characters designed for 5e, but with notes for gamers to convert it to their favorite game system. Filled with random encounter tables, unique environmental hazard, fifteen new monsters, and a host of new items and weapons, the adventure has plenty of content that can be used beyond the Zine and brought into other campaigns.

Ready to find out more? Here's the official description:

Across the endless waters of Ryn, a world where the very oceans themselves threaten to swallow up all who dare sail upon them, there are those who traverse the waves seeking far shores and lost treasures in the name of glory, greed, and high adventure. This is a world of salt and sea, a place of ancient mysteries and forbidden secrets, where the shifting tides conceal forgotten treasures and unimaginable terrors. A world where in moments, calm seas can turn against those who dare to defy them and blood-tinged waves crash against the hulls of ships like the fists of angry gods.
On this world, survival is not just a matter of physical strength, but of cunning and intelligence. The sailors who navigate these treacherous waters must be quick with a blade and quicker with their wits, for every tide brings new dangers.
A Crablin
So prepare to set sail. Sharpen your swords and steel yourself for a voyage unlike any other. You are about to enter the Outer Seas, where the winds of fate shift as unpredictably as the ocean currents. Where the Living Gods vie for power and fame and the Dead Gods plot their bloody and glorious return. This is a place only the most resilient and resourceful can hope to endure. It is a world of boundless adventure and ancient secrets, where danger lurks beneath every wave and the wealth of countless lost civilizations lies waiting to be claimed.
Weigh anchor, look toward the unreachable horizon, and let the strange tides and winds of fortune carry you to an ocean of endless possibility!


Be one of the first to enter the Outer Seas in the current Kickstarter campaign, live from Monday, February 19 through March 5.

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