Scott Colby's Deviant Magic hits the road in Book 5: Vengeance Squad!

Outland is pleased to announce that the fifth book in Scott Colby's Deviant Magic series, Vengeance Squad, is available now!

When the Tallisker tower in Detroit exploded, evil even more demonic than usual had to be behind it. Finding out would take a team of highly trained individuals, each specialists in their field.

This is not that team.

  • Ren Roberts, rich jerk.
  • Lil, multi-time Employee of the Month at Donovan’s.
  • Rotreego, disgraced former Pintiri of Evitankari.
  • Isabel Salinas Hernandez, demonic fixer.
  • Muffintop, scrapbooking enthusiast.

Alone, each is a disaster. Together, they’re a complete catastrophe—and they’re headed on a collision course with the demon who killed Ed Roberts, the one man who bound them all together.

In a complicated world made all the more fraught by devious conspiracies and terrifying magic, no one can go it alone. These five know that if they want vengeance, they’re gonna need a squad.

"I sat down to write a corporate espionage thriller, and somehow I wound up with my own Guardians of the Galaxy," Colby explained. "I'd say it worked out pretty well, and I'm excited to bring readers back to Harksburg and show off the depth of several characters from A Date With Death that have more going on than they might've first guessed."

Get your copy of Vengeance Squad in paperback or digital today!

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