Save the World at Any Age in Outland's Newest Kickstarter

It started with a viral Twitter post by Kathryn Ivey, who wanted to know why it was that the Chosen One is always a teenager. "We're really gonna put the fate of the universe on someone with an undeveloped prefrontal cortex?" she asked. Authors Addie King, Linda Robertson, and Sarah Hans immediately jumped on the idea—why shouldn't there be a collection of stories about older Chosen Ones? We mature, responsible adults ought to get our shot at fulfilling a greater destiny! They pitched the idea to Outland, and we signed right on board.

This newest anthology from Outland Entertainment, Never Too Old to Save the World, has just launched on Kickstarter!

In Never Too Old to Save the World, nineteen authors explore what would happen if the Chosen One were called midlife. What would happen if the Chosen One were:

  • a soccer mom
  • a cat lady
  • a nosy grandmother
  • a social worker
  • a retiree
  • an aging swordmaster?

The Chosen One could be anyone—because when the universe calls, the real question is whether the hero will take up the mantle and answer their midlife calling. Sometimes the world needs a hero who's already been in the thick of chaos and survived. In those cases, age does matter.

An older woman, wearing a hoodie and jeans, her dark hear with gray streaks pulled up in a bun, carries a blade in one hand and a rifle over her shoulder. Angry wolves fill the shadows of the woods behind her.
Never Too Old to Save the World cover art by Ann Marie Cochran

In addition to featuring original stories by Ivey, Robertson, Hans, and King (who also serves as the co-editor with Outland's Alana Joli Abbott), the collection will also include John F. Allen, J. D. Blackrose, Maurice Broaddus, Jim C. Hines, Ericka Kahler, Vaseem Khan, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Kimberly Pauley, Alexandra Pitchford, Lucy A. Snyder, RJ Sullivan, Jaymie Wagner, LaShawn M. Wanak, and Ursula Vernon.

Back Never Too Old to Save the World on Kickstarter and join us in our quest to show a more mature vintage of chosen ones.

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