Sarah Thérèse Pelletier and Scott James Taylor Send Outland Across the Multiverse in Ladyhoppers

Outland is pleased to announce the acquisition of the debut novel of Sarah Thérèse Pelletier and Scott James Taylor, Ladyhoppers, due out in summer 2023. Set in Montreal—several versions of it—the story follows Charlie Chase, a soldier/scientist from a part of the multiverse where tears are ripping holes in reality, releasing monsters that undo the world at its seams. Charlie jumps through a tear to find a way to close them, and in the process, gets stranded. Her only ally is a version of her mentor, genius Verity Baum. But this version of Verity (“just Vera”) is far more chaotic and arrogant than the version Charlie knows, and soon the two of them are hopping across the multiverse, trying to save all the worlds—and get Charlie home. But like Vera, the multiverse itself is a lot more chaotic, and nonsensical, than Charlie ever imagined.

When writing about their multiverse-hopping duo, the authors didn’t let little things like geographic distance and time zones interfere with their work to tell a rollicking adventure. Pelletier, based in Quebec, and Taylor, in Auckland, used the strange quantum space of the internet to collaborate on this comical, madcap adventure across genres. Ladyhoppers was acquired by Editor in Chief Alana Joli Abbott based on a pitch from Twitter’s #DVPit.

Can’t wait for summer 2023 for more? Check out this brief excerpt from an early chapter (and get a deeper look at the authors below).

It was an agile, serpentine beast about the size of a whale, covered in glittering black scales, and armed with twin rows of razor-sharp teeth. Its translucent violet wings thundered with every flap, and as it opened its mouth, the scream sounded again. Fire jetted out from between its teeth and engulfed a wooden house in flames.
“Pretty sure that’s your cue, Sir Vera,” Charlie said, nudging Vera.
“Sure is,” said Vera, marching forward, which hadn’t been Charlie’s intent, exactly. She’d meant it more as a goad, and then when Vera realized the situation they were in, they’d come up with a plan. Instead, she was jogging forward, accelerating into a run. It wasn’t quiet, but fortunately, neither was the dragon, which had landed and was busily engaged in peeling the roof off a house with one set of jaggedly protruding claws, like a tool-using raven—only scaled up, scaly, and also fire-breathing and a dragon and oh god, was Vera just going to punch it?
Vera closed in, wound back, and punched it fully in the leg; Charlie could hear the grind of the suit’s machinery from here as it delivered all its assisted strength into the blow.

Sarah Thérèse Pellitier

Sarah Thérèse Pelletier is a Canadian writer living in Quebec. Under the pseudonym J.T. Rogers, she co-authored her first novel, In from the Cold, while pursuing her teaching certification. A perpetual student, Sarah has degrees in anthropology and education from the University of Calgary and McGill University. She is an ESL educator and editor, a budding seamstress, a novice gardener, an enthusiastic artist, and, when she finds time, a voracious reader. 

Scott James Taylor

Scott James Taylor lives in Auckland, where he watches television for money, a career option surpassed only by making up stories for money. Ladyhoppers is his first novel, the conclusion of a journey that began when he first read a Terry Pratchett novel at age eleven and learned that fantasy could have jokes in it. He has joint psychology and computer science degrees, a combination probably only useful in writing weird science fiction novels. This is handy in retrospect as it makes it look like there was some kind of plan.

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