Rogues: A Blackguards Tombpunk Game Launching on Kickstarter!

Hello everybody!

While not the second book to be announced that'll utilize the Tombpunk rules, created by Alan Bahr and published by Outland Entertainment, this will be the second Tombpunk book we're bringing to Kickstarter to crowdfund! And it's a doozy!

The world is a mess. A blackguard just needs to game the system.

Whether it’s outrunning the city guard, pilfering a wizard’s tower, or running the long con on a dastardly noble, these mission hooks invite players to navigate the world on the other side of the law, whether for noble purposes or to weigh their own purses. Using the Tombpunk engine, a high-octane, high-action system with a rules-light approach, the Blackguards RPG encourages foul play.

Go ahead.

We won’t tell.

But we can’t guarantee the same for your party members. In this game, there’s no honor among blackguards.

Rogues: A Blackguards RPG ties directly into the Blackguards anthologies that we have published, pulling from their pages Brigands, Scoundrels, and Knaves, that you can add to your own roleplaying game.

In some ways, the Tombpunk system, which is down and dirty, was already a perfect fit. But we’ve tweaked the rules here and there to make sure the emphasis is on working outside the law. Add in some corrupt nobles, some overbearing city guards, crime organizations who don’t like people operating outside their own guidelines, and your average everyday creatures of chaos, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for some scoundrels, knaves, and brigands to have a good time.

If you liked the original Tombpunk, you'll definitely enjoy this one! And if you are looking for inspiration, look no farther than in the Blackguards anthologies!

Don't miss out on the Kickstarter! Launching today!

NOTE: You WILL need the Tombpunk core rules to play this game.

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