Outland Welcomes C. Edward Sellner and Greg Cox As Licensing Team

Outland Entertainment has expanded their licensing to include a dedicated team with Licensing Director C. Edward Sellner and Licensing Senior Editor Greg Cox.

C. Edward (Chuck) Sellner
Licensing Director
Greg Cox
Licensing Senior Editor

As part of the vision to develop multimedia world immersion experiences, Outland has placed a focus on licensing popular properties to be expanded in transmedia–new stories in new formats but set in the same world.

In 2021 Outland joined forces with Visionary Creative Services to expand the creative services they offer to creators and businesses, but Visionary’s Chief Creative Officer (Sellner) and Editor (Cox) bring experience with licensing that cannot be dismissed. Outland Founder Jeremy D. Mohler explains: “Chuck’s experience working with a wide range of creators, world builders, and licensed IP is an incredible win for Outland. And Greg has been editing and working with established authors for many years, so having his insight on our licensed projects will be invaluable.”

Licensing established properties brings in new audiences, empowers creators to expand outside their immediate ability, and welcomes diversity into a historically homogenous industry.

Sellner’s role as Licensing Director will be focused on general acquisition and oversight of all licenses and licensed projects with Cox managing his own projects as Licensing Senior Editor. Sellner says: “We’re excited to partner with Outland to support their licensing venture. Not only can we work directly with the original creators to bring their visions to life, we now have a dedicated publishing partner to get those works out to the world.”

Several licenses are currently in negotiations and development, with one being announced within the month. Outland is looking for primarily single-format speculative fiction properties with a strong following whose creator wishes to develop new stories in different formats including (but not limited to) novels and novel series, short story anthologies, comics and graphic novels, role playing games, and tabletop games that align with Outland's Core Values. (For a better idea of what a developed license might look like, check out Vikingverse in Outland Worlds.

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