Outland Moves Offices to the Outlands

By Alana Joli Abbott

In keeping with the company's name, Outland Entertainment is moving its headquarters from Kansas City, Missouri, to an undisclosed location in the Outlands.

A castle in a wasteland with a dragon flying overhead
Outland Entertainment has moved their primary offices to the Outlands.

"We didn't feel that our offices in a major United States city really captured the essence of our company," stated Creative Director Jeremy Mohler. "When you an MLB and NFL team, and you host a major annual comics convention, can you really be considered an Outland location?"

The move was initially suggested by Outland partner Drew Vogel, who felt that without being in the Outland, "We, as a company, weren't really living our truth."

Editor in Chief Alana Joli Abbott, who had previously been working from home, has waxed eloquently about her new office in one of the tower windows of the castle the team now calls home. "You can see the entire chasm from here!" she enthused. "Not to mention, I've got a prime view of the dragon's lair."

Chris Yarborough, an Outland artist who found the location for the team, has set up a studio for collaborations in the castle's great hall. "It isn't often you get the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment like this," he said. "I think being away from civilization really helps creativity. And the plains of agony are especially scenic during a lava flow."

Not everyone is happy with the move. Christopher Helton, who just recently joined Outland's Marketing/PR team, commented that he'd only just gotten settled in his new role, "And they moved the office on me! There's not even a Dunkin Donuts nearby!"

The location also offers some issues with sending and receiving mail, and there has been some discussion of training the local dragons for making shipments. "Wouldn't that be a great way to fulfill our Kickstarters?" Abbott mused.

The team continues to be available via email, crystal ball, and delivery via crow.

Happy April Fool's Day from the team at Outland Entertainment!

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