Outland Entertainment is proud to announce our very first licensing agreement with Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The comprehensive deal is for Outland to produce fiction—both prose and comics— based on Pinnacle’s wide range of original gaming properties all under a new imprint: Outrider Publications.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is a role-playing, card, and miniatures game publisher best known for their Deadlands and Savage Worlds properties. It was founded in 1994 by industry veteran Shane Lacy Hensley.

Outland will be working directly with Hensley who shared, “When I saw the quality of Outland’s books, I knew Outland was the perfect partner to grow our line of fiction for all our original properties.”

The license represents the first group of properties brought in by Outland’s new Licensing Director, C. Edward Sellner. “My studio, Visionary Creative Services, previously held the license for Deadlands.” Sellner added, “But with Visionary now partnering with Outland as publisher and licensee, I know we can build an amazing line of prose and comic projects featuring the entire Savage Worlds line that will hit the highest marks of quality both Visionary and Outland are known for.”

With the license, Outland will first be re-releasing previous Deadlands graphic novels in all new, high-quality hardcovers, starting with Dead Man’s Hand, launching April 5th on Kickstarter. New projects will be announced soon, including bringing back top creators and fan-favorite characters and introducing brand new titles set in various Savage Worlds properties.

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