Outland Entertainment Launches Outland Worlds with Vikingverse

Outland Entertainment publishes books, comics, games...yes.

But what we really do is more about stories than it is about the materials they are printed on. We bring stories from the outlands of the human experience, stories from the imagination, from other places, other times, other dimensions. Where truth lies outside the cold hard facts of reality. Stories of possibility, hope and struggle, greatness and defeat.

In general, books, comics, games are just a way of bringing stories to readers and players. But Outland sees it a little differently.

We believe books, comics, games are vehicles to bring you to the worlds where these stories live.

And we know one story usually isn’t enough. We know sometimes even a series of stories isn’t enough. We also know that just as there are endless stories that have been told, are being told, and will be told, there are also endless ways to tell them. And when you discover a world, you want to explore that world in any way possible.

Introducing Outland Worlds!

Outland Worlds are creator-owned collections of transmedia stories and artifacts set in a common fictional World. Outland Worlds are more than individual stories adapted to other formats. You’ll discover many stories told in different ways, all born into the same World as comics, novels, short stories, and various types of games.

We are launching Worlds with Ian Stuart Sharpe’s Vikingverse--a parallel universe where Viking culture is the basis for history and modern day. To date we have two novels and three comics with a modern phrasebook for Old Norse in the final stages of production.

In the practical sense, Worlds will be promoted with options to purchase all-inclusive and miniature packages. So with Vikingverse, for instance, you can buy two novels, three comics, and the Old Norse phrasebook as a package. Or you can buy just the two novels or just the three comics. Or, of course, you can purchase any individual item.

Other Outland Worlds being developed may include a number of transmedia such as novels, comics, and anthologies, card games, board games, or RPG games...the universe is the limit!

But this is not a cut-and-paste, every-World-looks-the-same situation. Not every World will have a novel. Not every World will have a card game. And some Worlds will have entirely unique artifacts.

Outland Entertainment has published a crazy amount of stuff this year, not to mention Kickstarters and Acquisitions that will make 2021 even bigger. But of all the things we've been able to release, we’re most excited about the ability to give you even more than the individual publications can offer... Outland Words!

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